I would like to create a quiz for my students/customers and give them immediate results or, to create a survey for my colleagues

My facilitator has created a quiz for me to take or a survey for me to fill out.

About Us

Akello Quiz is an assessment platform that allows individuals, businesses and academic institutions to create highly engaging and interactive quizzes, surveys, and polls for their target audience. Collect fast and accurate data, opinions and feedback by selecting from a wide array of quiz templates to gain fresh insights, today.

The Quiz

  • Allows for academic and non-academic tests, exams or quizzes to be set up.
  • Automatically marks the responses received.
  • Calculates the pass marks and send certificates to successful candidates

The Survey

  • Allows for interactive, data-rich survey to be set-up
  • Collects the feedback from all participating respondents.
  • Profile the corresponding summary statistics for all data collected.

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